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Genuine wines by nature

A young winery with deep roots


Bodega Eresma

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the Eresma

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The winery Bodegas Eresma puts the experience and tradition of four generations of winemakers at the service of a young venture with a purpose: sharing unique, exciting experiences on a journey through the senses, stimulated by sensations that only memorable wines can unlock.

Javier Garcia
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Certificado ISO22000


Bodegas Eresma is a lively, authentic project, driven by enthusiasm. It has been running since 2006. But it is also the creation of a historic oenologist whose career has been witness to and part of contemporary Spanish oenology: Aníbal Asensio Paunero.

Born in 1955, this “Mudéjar” oenologist has been one of the architects of winegrowing in Castilla y León as we know it today. Trained at the Madrid Winemaking School, he belongs to a generation of specialists (once known as the “rocking oenologists”) that emerged to transform winegrowing and oenology in Spain.

His passion for wine comes from his family: his grandfather Marino Asensio Carrasco was one of the pioneering Spanish winemakers of the 1940s, in Cabezón de Pisuerga, like his father, Aníbal Asensio Alonso, in La Cistérniga (what was known as “Tinto Paunero”). Aníbal’s restless spirit prompted him to disseminate winegrowing culture and to train vintners as far away as Cuba.

Despite having worked for diverse wineries in almost every winegrowing region, for over 40 years Aníbal Asensio Paunero has been wholeheartedly devoted to the Rueda Designation of Origin, of which he was a founder member and to which Bodegas Eresma belongs, in the vicinity of the historic town of Olmedo within the province of Valladolid.

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Despite its youth, Bodegas Eresma is one of the most widely recognised brands of the Rueda Designation of Origin. We work chiefly with the Verdejo grape, the one most characteristic of the district, but also with Sauvignon Blanc and Viura. Century-old vines, a manual harvest and prior sorting of grapes make Bodegas Eresma wines an exciting experience worthy of sharing.

We offer a fluvial experience through an Eresma of authentic wines:


Our youngest Tentazión

Start your Eresma adventure with our V&R and Tentazión wines: Whites brimming with youth and freshness. Simple, amiable wines to be shared at any time. No excuses.

botella vino tentazion


botella vino VR copia


Vino Tentazion Rose




Our select harvest

Our Eresma flows through a wide range of aromas, textures and flavours. Delve into a world of nuances and exceptional experiences.

Botellas finales verdejo monovarietal 1 copia


Botellas finales Sauvignogn blanc copia


Botellas finales semidulce afrutado copia 1




Our most elaborate Verdejos

Your journey has reached our most personal, exclusive and suggestive wines. Explore their depths and enjoy their complex character in a series of premium experiences.

botella vino Eresma copia

Eresma +

Sin titulo 1 copia

Fermentado en Barrica

eresma sobre lias verdejo


eresma sobre lias sauvignon


eresma godello copia




Bodegas Eresma has 120 hectares of its own and also receives the output of a further 110 hectares in the area, all within the Rueda district. Most of these grapes are Verdejo, the area’s native variety, highly versatile and suitable both for fresh, light wines such as those aged in oak barrels and also for stronger ones. We also work with Sauvignon Blanc, of which we have eight hectares for winemaking.

vista general vinedos Bodega Eresma
vinas Bodega Eresma 2

Our vineyards are located in various localities within the district:

  • Between Valdestillas and Serrada we have El Tomillar, Campo Viejo and Mira al Alba. These vineyards have a north-south orientation with vines growing in gravelly soil on gentle slopes at an altitude of 780 metres, sheltered from frost and strong winds by hillocks.
  • In Valdestillas, La Cuesta del Cura, Carralafuente and El Cortijo
  • In Villanueva, Las Yeguas
  • In Rueda, Finca La Veleta
  • In Pozaldez, Finca El Poleo and Finca El Zurrón

The gravelly soils of these vineyards, allied with the local climatic conditions, give Bodegas Eresma wines their unique essence and character.


The town of seven sevens: seven churches, fountains, squares, convents, gates, stately houses and villages within its area of influence, Olmedo belongs to the Rueda Designation of Origin, synonymous with the most international Verdejo wines, known and appreciated worldwide.

The countryside around our winery is watered by the river Adaja together with the river that gives the winery its name: the Eresma. The lush riverside is a natural habitat which, along with the medicinal mineral waters of its spa and the local Mudéjar theme park, make Olmedo a destination highly conducive to wine tourism.

Our commitment to the natural environment around our winery prompted us to set up a solar photovoltaic plant for our own consumption which avoids the emission of 42 tonnes of CO2 to the atmosphere every year, equivalent to planting 4,163 trees and a saving of 10.54 tonnes of fossil fuels.


The plains of Tierra de Pinares surrounding our winery and our vineyards, punctuated by occasional hills, are a habitat for poplars, ash trees and a few surviving elms. Many natural areas in the environs have been designated Sites of Community Importance in the Castilla y León region, such as the wetland of Los Arenales, the lakes of Coca and Olmedo or the banks of the Adaja, nesting sites for hoopoes, great bustards, herons, kites, tits, peregrines, harriers and sparrow hawks and also breeding grounds for otters in the warm months.

These pine groves and wetlands are also inhabited by badgers, foxes, soprano pipistrelles, wild boar, mink, wildcats, snakes and even wolves. At La Cerrajera, on the way to La Mejorada, a large gathering of storks is to be seen in the summer.

Wine tourism

Experience Eresma in our guided tours with tasting and pairing of wines with foods, choosing from these options:

La Soterraña experience

Tour of the winery + Tasting of 3 wines plus a snack:


virgen de guadalupe copia

Mudejar experience

Tour of the winery + Tasting of 3 wines paired with various snacks, accompanied by L’ESSENCE DU VIN (Essence of wine):



Vineyard experience

Tour of the winery + Tour of our vineyards + Tasting of 3 wines plus a snack:



Oenological tour experience

Tour of the winery + Tasting of 3 wines with our oenologist José Lorenzo Tejedor and a snack:


icono vino blanco

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From Monday to Saturday, 10:00 to 14:00


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